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How Does Your Sign Affect Your Choice In Partner?


Generally speaking when it comes to our exes it seems as if they have nothing in common. When compared, one was romantic, another one was playing the tough guy, a third one was extremely emotional… nothing in common at first sight, right?  However in order to figure out if this is a random thing or it has something to do with our taste we talked to’s resident astrologer, Aurora Tower to see what is  hiding behind the connection with our sign and the guys we fall for.


Aries: As a charming personality you always fall for charming and caring guys. However, these types of guys might ask for more of your time and energy than you are willing to give. You might solve this problem by telling these guys to back off and protect your need for space, or the hard way by blocking them on your phone.


Taurus: As an admirer of strong men you almost always fall for passionate and purposeful ones. But, as one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac it is well known that you stick with your own point of view to death, so here the conflict starts. We are not really sure who can deal with your strong attitude, maybe long distance would be a more successful relationship.


Gemini: as a restless sign looking for constant thrill rides, you are an admirer of charismatic and adventurous guys. However, no matter how crazy they might be, it is difficult to keep up with your fast pace because your quick mind works faster than anyone. If they fail, it is very likely that you will move on in search of another thrilling ride.


Cancer: As one of the most emotive signs you prefer charismatic guys that are able to provide you with emotional stability. And as you are the one most likely wanting to spend the night at home instead of at the bar, you might fall in love with a coworker. Here is why: you see him all the time, you mostly trust him and you know he will be always there.


Leo: As a born leader you definitely fall for creative types that constantly inspire you with their uniqueness and determination. In other words, naturally your love is a red carpet one. It comes as no surprise that you attend those events all the time (even when you don’t have an invitation).


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