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7 Signs That You May Be Dealing With Someone Who Has An Evil Heart


Unfortunately, not every person you’ll meet in your life will be good, nice and polite. The harsh reality is that there a lot of people out there that will definitely disappoint you. And, there are some who, believe it or not, are actually quite evil. So always be careful, because not everyone has a good heart. Watch out for these seven personality traits as a sign of trouble, compiled by Aunty Acid.


1. Lack of empathy


Empathy is when you place yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling. If someone continuously hurts people, doesn’t feel remorse and refuses to take responsibility for their actions, then they might be pretty wicked. Don’t look for sympathy in these people, as they probably only care about themselves.

2. Refusal to accept reality


The truth? What’s that? It’s nothing to those with evil hearts. They do not even know the meaning of the word. If something doesn’t fit in their scheme of things they will simply refuse it. They live in their own wonderland with their own set of rules and don’t you dare disagree with them.

3. Twisting the facts


These people are great manipulators and if they want they will make you believe even the biggest lie.

4. Withholding information


If something is not beneficial for them and might be helpful to you, they’ll probably keep it secret. When you hear their side of the story, know that that’s all you’re getting!

5. Using their knowledge to mislead you


Whatever is that they are not telling you, you better believe it they are not telling you for a reason. Most certainly, one that is very important to them. Be sure that they will use whatever knowledge they do have to intentionally mislead you.

6. Refusing to take responsibility


Do not expect an evil-hearted person to be honest and admit something. Even if you caught them in the act, they probably wouldn’t say they are wrong, mostly because they believe they are not doing anything bad in the first place.

7. Constant lying


They are pathological liars but it won’t take you long to notice their patterns and the loose threads in their intricate web of lies. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to call them out on one lie because they will probably have three more ready to cover it up with.

Source: auntyacid

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