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Signs You Might Have A Heart Attack In One Month

Heart Attack

The American Heart and Stroke Association have figured out that heart disease and strokes are the number one cause of death across the world. They happen becaue of insufficient blood suply and blockage of a coronary artery.


Out of over 700,000 people who suffer from heart attacks each year, 100,000 do not recuperate. Tragic.

There are some symptoms a person will experience in the build up to a life-threatening heart attack. Being aware of these symptoms could potentially save your life.


Here are 8 symptoms you should know:

1. Unusual body weakness


This mostly happens as a result of lack of blood flow and circulation. Weakened muscles imply a narrowing of arteries, and are therefore a significant red flag. So take care.

2. Dizziness


Dizziness is also a symptom of limited blood flow. Limited circulation causes blood flow to the brain to be reduced and therefore results in dizzy spells. Be careful.

3. Cold sweats


Cold sweats can be a signal that your body is in distress. If your blood flow is underperforming, you may experience feeling clammy, cold, and unwell in general. Try to remain as calm as you can.

4. Chest, arm, back & shoulder pain



If you are experiencing pain in your chest, arms, back or shoulders this means that you should seek immediate medical attention.

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