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15 ‘Silver Fox’ Men Between 47 And 80 Hotter Than Most A-List Models


Silver Fox is a slang term for an attractive old man desired by younger women and today we are bringing you some eye candy for the lovers of the old vulpes species. There is a certain attractiveness that only men beyond a certain age can have, and these fifteen gentlemen certainly epitomize that: they have been chiseled by time and life’s challenges, but all those experiences have only made them more beautiful.

1. Anthony Varrecchia – 53

The model and social media influencer who’s into his 50s is not only ripe but has an epic beard to boot.


Source: Pinterest

2. Mark Reay – 57

The fashion photographer, model and actor might just be the definition of a silver fox.


Source:Bored Panda

3. Irvin Randle – 54

Randle is a teacher who got the title #MrStealYourGrandma when his Instagram pictures went viral.


Source: Femme D’influence

4. Aiden Brady – 50

This actor, musician, model and former pornographic actor certainly has a Hemingwayesque quality about him.


Source:Bored Panda

5. Ron Jack Foley

Mr. Foley is hiding his age pretty well, but he has been dubbed “the hottest granddad of all time” nevertheless.


Source: imgur

6. Garrett Swann – 47

As my grandmother would say, “he can put his slippers under my bed any day!”


Source: Beatrice Models

7. Alessandro Manfredini – 47

Tattoos? Check. Beard? Check. Swagger? Double check.


Source: Bored Panda

8. T. Michael – 50

A fashion designer from Bergen, Norway, T.Michael’s “conceptual approach to men’s tailoring juxtaposes time tested tradition against a trademark effortless style”.


Source:Bored Panda

9. Bobby Dekeyser – 52

The former goalkeeper who became a successful businessman just gets better with age.


Source: Pinterest

10. Seth Andrew Silver

Another one who hides his age but cannot hide his silver fox qualities.


Source: Demotivateur

11. Philippe Dumas – 60

The Parisian just started his modeling career at the beginning of his life’s seventh decade but there is plenty of time for success with those looks.


Source:ABP Live

12. Gianluca Vacchi – 49

The heir to an Italian pharmaceutical empire might have all of his property impounded because of debt, but no one can take away his attractiveness.


Source: Bored Panda

13. Paul Mason – 52

There aren’t many men who could pull off that red leather jacket, but the model and entrepreneur behind the Fashion Santa brand certainly does.


Source: Yorkdale

14. Anton Nilsson – 53

Although in his sixth decade, the Swede appears at least a couple of decades younger!


Source: View Management

15. Wang Deshun – 80

The Chinese runway model who has been dubbed “China’s hottest grandpa” has stunned the world with his physique and fitness.


Source:Reckon Talk

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