14 Movies That Are Just Copies Of The Same Old Story

14 Movies That Are Just Copies Of The Same Old Story


When it comes to ideas, it’s no surprise that Hollywood seems to be running out of them. Whether it’s keeping the premise but changing the feel, or simply recycling the movie completely, there is something familiar about new movies. We can’t shake this feeling that we have already watched this movie, seen this dress, and even heard that same cheesy line a hundred times already. But what happens when the same movie comes out twice in the same year, just with a different name? It’s as if they had two ideas of how to develop the same story, and just said whatever, let’s do them both. It definitely looks like they did that with the following movies that deal with nearly the same thing.

1. Dante’s Peak and Volcano

People love apocalyptic movies, and Dante’s Peak is no exception. A volcanologist and a town mayor get caught up in a race against time trying to prevent a volcano from destroying Washington. And just like any movie, there is no shortage of moments to make you cringe, whether it’s the explosions, the romance or just the (un) intended comedy. Who doesn’t want to see James Bond saving the world, even though he goes by another name in America.



There it is again! A volcano is about to destroy everything, this time in California, and time is again running short. This time it’s up to Tommy Lee Jones to save LA, even though he doesn’t get the girl like Pierce Brosnan.



2. Deep Impact and Armageddon

Like I said, people just love Apocalyptic movie, no matter what it is that brings about the apocalypse. This time the danger comes from space, in the form of an earth-shattering asteroid. The world must come together if there is any hope of survival, and somehow all hope falls down to a nuclear weapon. How did that happen? On the other hand, Morgan Freeman makes the whole movie watchable, even though he is playing just the president, and not the cooler role of God!


This time, it’s up to Ben Affleck to get into a space ship. His job? Well, he has to take a nuclear weapon into space so he can destroy an asteroid. it might sound the same, but there’s a HUGE difference. He is not an astronaut that eventually saves the world. No no, he’s just a regular oil-rig worker that happens to be in the right place at the right time. Talk about having your dreams come true.


Source:The Action Elite

3. Mission To Mars and Red Planet

No matter what happens, we leave no man behind. Even if it is on Mars. And we have to do it soon because we all know there is no oxygen on Mars. At least not anymore. Wait, what? Humans actually came from Mars? How did that happen?


Source:Film Guru Lad

Well, at least this time we are ready for the shocking discovery about Mars. Even though the mission did not go that badly, the red planet just is not that nice to humans. And apparently, there seems to be some old history there. And it’s up to the astronauts to find out what it is – while trying to somehow survive all this.



4. Mirror Mirror and Snow White And The Huntsman

There is a renewed interest in bringing fairy tales to the big screen, and the stories of the brothers Grimm are just classic. And as with all fairy tales, it must have a happily ever after. And even though Snow White loses her father, has to live in secret with the dwarfs and ends up with the prince, this retelling can be perfect when you just want to Netflix and chill!



Although this retelling is much darker and haunting, it is in fact much closer to the original Brothers Grimm tale. But that doesn’t make up for the fact the acting is beyond lackluster, and so is the writing. At least we get a better look at Thor before he became Thor, and almost lost his rugged Australian accent.



5. The Illusionist and The Prestige

Young and old, everybody loves magic. Especially if it’s Edward Norton doing all the tricks. And the fact that he has to use all the tricks up his sleeve just to get his love, who has somehow come into the clutch of an abusive prince, just makes it that more enjoyable. And then there is the added bonus of watching Paul Giamatti sweating his way through Imperial Vienna.


Source:Den Of Geek

Although this Christopher Nolan movie holds many of his classic tropes, it still somehow fails to reach the mark of The Illusionist. The twists and turns in the plot, in the end, do nothing but confuse viewers, and no matter how impressive the final two reveals are, you will still be left with mixed feelings about the last two hours you spent in that theater chair.



6. Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line

They say that men should cry only a couple of times in their life. While watching Saving Private Ryan is on that list. The story is well developed, the cast and acting are good, and the overall movie seems realistic. And who can remain stoic in the face of so much personal tragedy and sorrow that is always the result of war?


Source: YouTube | usereau1234561

While this movie is not as well liked as Saving Private Ryan, it has its shining moments. Even though the story moves from Eastern to the Pacific front of World War II. The cast is actually quite stellar, including Sean Penn, George Clooney and Adrian Brody, and although it does concern itself more with introspection than actual warfare, it is still a good representation of war and its devastating consequences.


Source:Static Mess

7. Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down

Even though action packed movies may seem the same, there is always a subtle difference between them. Or is there? Literally, we cant tell. The president is in trouble, and its up to his bodyguards to shoot their way to safety. And even though the action sequences are good, the same can be said about a dozen other movies, which decided to completely forgo the tragic relationship between employer and employee.


Source: Netflix Life

If you played the first hour of the Olympus Has Fallen, and the second from White House Down, would you know you were watching two different movies? The one thing that might tip you of is the question did Jamie Fox become president? Oh, and how did Gerard Butler get a time machine and loose all his muscles?


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