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Simon Cowell Looks Bored By Teen’s Song But He Changes His Opinion Real Quick


If you are going on a reality show and Simon Cowell is going to be your judge, then of course that you will have to be prepared for criticism. In fact, the former American Idol judge and X-Factor creator has made a big name for himself by being picky and harsh when it comes to his comments. It’s like he always has something to say.

Simon 1

Sometimes the contestants come on shows just for Simon to chew them out, while others pray all night to win him over. With Daniel Joyner, something else happens. He is a 17-year-old from Alamo, Tennessee, born and raised in a musical and artistic home.

Since the age of 9, Daniel performed in a variety of venues for a variety of causes in front of a variety of people, all with one goal in mind: to change someone’s life through music. For him, fame never meant anything as much as making a difference in someone’s life.
Simon 2

When he first hit the America’s Got Talent stage, for sure he wanted to impress Simon. But even though he doesn’t seem very interested in the beginning, like many others Daniel manages to wow the judges with his voice. He picked the classical song  “Try A Little Tenderness”, an Otis Redding’s hit.

Even though everyone notices Daniel’s good voice from the start when he gets into the song even Simon can’t deny that he’s good. He quickly goes from looking bored to looking impressed. If you want to see the whole performance, click right down below.


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