Simon Cowell Made A Mistake On X Factor And Fans Are Furious


Yes, Simon Cowell is charmingly witty and cruel, however, some mistakes cannot be forgiven and forgotten that easily.

During the X Factor results show, he accidentally said he was sending his own act home.

Gifty, Ryan Lawrie and Four of Diamonds were left in the bottom three, and after Ryan was saved by the official app vote, Gifty and Four of Diamonds went into the sing-off.

Simon was the first to vote, but while he meant to say Four Of Diamonds should be booted, he went ahead and accidentaly told Dermot he wanted Gifty to go.

It was brutal, watch it here:


Source:scandalous news

The votes meant Gifty lost her place in the competition. When Dermot asked Gifty what was wrong, she said: “I don’t know.”

It’s kind of scary to see that unimpressed face, especially when Gifty got angrier after she got the boot.


The fans are furious.

A Freudian slip, maybe?


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