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Simon Cowell Stunned By This 13-Year-Old’s Singing!

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Simon Cowell is strict, blunt and tells every hopeful and talented (or not) person exactly what he means. He doesn’t even criticize constructively, he’s merely rude most of the time. Some contestants even fight back! He does seem to know what he’s doing, as he has One Direction signed to his music label.

He’s now judging “America’s Got Talent”, and in this video, a 13-year-old called Laura is about to perform. And of course, the way it always happens on these shows, she stuns Simon, she stuns the audience and she totally wins the stage! Her journey to a career probably doesn’t end here.

Just take a look at the video and see what we’re talking about.

Mel B. pressed her Golden Buzzer to send Laura right to the live shows! We should expect more amazing performances from Laura as the season continues. Share away, people!

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