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20 Simple Things That Amazed Us With Their Beauty


There is so much beauty in the most simple of things. You don’t always need to go somewhere special, to do something special in order to be amazed. All you need to do is pay attention to the little details that surround you in everyday life.

This is a list, compiled by Diply, of people who did exactly that. They saw the extraordinary in the ordinary and captured the moment in a photograph. The resulting pictures conquered the Internet.

1. The Tower of Glue

Who knew that a little tower, made of dripping glue, could be so pretty to look at?

Reddit | pimack

2. Danger Noodle

At first glance, you may think this is a cinnamon bun. You’d be wrong. It’s actually a snake! There is much satisfaction to be derived from perfection.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

3. Let it shine

Look how beautifully those Christmas lights illuminate the freshly fallen snow!

Reddit | alikeannoyance

4. Floaty McFloatface

It’s just a paper clip floating in water, but it’s so satisfying. And the lines in the background distorted by the weight of the clip just add to the overall awesomeness of this picture.

Reddit | terchon

5. The chalkboard leg

This woman traveled all across Europe with a chalkboard leg, snapping pictures with the location marked on the leg. How cool is that?

Reddit | devgal

6. The cone of grass

It’s very surprising how much the grass grew with so little sunshine. But it’s even more surprising that whoever was mowing the lawn couldn’t be bothered to move the cone for months!

Reddit | ErdetgasXD

7. The Train of Light

No, it’s not a train traveling at the speed of light. It is a long exposure photo of a train leaving the station.

Reddit | iam4real

8. Flying Glasses

Is it a bird? Is it Superman? No! It’s just a pair of glasses!

Hope that guy managed to find his way down the cliff without being able to see…

Reddit | YourMomsNext

9. Sunset Field

Who painted this masterpiece? No-one, because even though it looks exactly like a painting, it is actually a photograph. Using a timelapse technique, artist Matt Molloy, stacked a 100 photos of sunsets on top of each other to create this breathtaking image.

Reddit | janbalti

10. Let it snow

It is so incredibly satisfying to watch this deck fill up with snow.


11. Mr. President

It may be difficult to remove the portrait of the president, but the results are worth it. They look so lifelike!

Reddit | randomguy2896

12. Attention!

These trees are just perfect. Perfectly straight, perfectly aligned, perfectly… gigantic? Take a look at that little house in front…

Reddit | Cepheus7

13. Fire all!

Is this a cannon ball? It looks like a cannon ball. But how heavy is it? Glad you asked, because according to the original poster, Aura_Void, “It’s about as heavy as a broom.” A broom. Have you ever heard of a weirder comparison?

Anyway, apparently it’s just a rock, because OP found it at the beach. I still think it’s a cannon ball…

Reddit | Aura_Void

14. New Balance

This man has perfected the art of balancing rocks.

Reddit | peternjuhl

15. Everybody look to the left

This image is best summed up by the man who took it: “I took this picture in Namibia, and now I think it should be their flag.” It really would make a perfect flag.

Reddit | uspn

16. Mars Attacks!

I bet you thought that was a UFO, didn’t you? Don’t worry, it’s just a cloud. At least, that’s what the authorities are saying, and they would never lie to us.

Reddit | Glurt

17. Bee-autiful

Bees are such amazing builders, aren’t they? Just picture them with their little hardhats and toolbelts…

Reddit | CrazyDuck6745

18. Apply some aloe vera on that burn

It’s so shiny! And gooey! This is what aloe vera actually looks like.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

19. Perfect timing

This man doesn’t even know it, but, by the power vested in the Internet, he’s been proclaimed the new chieftain.

Reddit | BisonST

20. Geronimoooo!

Allegedly, this photo was taken while skydiving over Venice. But, I never know whether to trust a photo is real or not… I hope it is. That view is just stunning.


That is all for now, I’m afraid. Do tell us which of these pictures is your favourite in the comments!

Reddit | ImABarnacle
Source: diply

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