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15 Super Simple (And Cheap) DIY Dollar Store Projects


It is just great when you can combine two of your passions in one, isn’t it? For example, you love crafting, and you also love saving money. Who doesn’t? Crafting is always great fun and the sense of achievement you are left with at the end of the process is priceless. And if it actually serves a purpose by replacing otherwise expensive purchases, all the better! Here is a list of a few ideas, courtesy of Diply, for DIY projects perfect for anyone who can appreciate a good bargain.

1. Knockoff Kate Spade Pearl Place Rose Bowl

Kate Spade merchandise looks amazing. But 70 bucks for a glass bowl, no matter how pretty it looks, is simply too much for us bargain hunters. It’s better to recreate it. It isn’t difficult and it’s certainly more fun than clicking a few buttons to order it online.


Source: Vintage Romance Style

2. Pretty soap dispensers

Transforming a soap dispenser into a stunning work of art has never been easier. All you need is some glass gems, flowers, and don’t forget the hand soap!


Source: Instagram | @happywife_happy4life

3. Plastic elephant bookends

Bookends. Very useful, but not so much so that you would pay ridiculous prices to get them. And why should you, when you can make your own adorable ones? Just look at these little elephants!


Source: Love Grows Wild

4. DIY topiary trees

You’ve always wanted a decorative topiary tree, but you’ve never been able to afford one? If you were nodding emphatically while reading that question, this DIY project is perfect for you!


Source: AKA Design

5. Colorful clothespin trivets

Trivets aren’t exactly expensive – you can get them at the dollar store. But the fun is in adding your own personal twist to your kitchen accessories, so why not create your own trivet?


Source: Dream A Little Bigger

6. Ampersand thumbtack art

If you need some more decorations, you can create them with thumbtacks! Yup, thumbtacks can be used to create beautiful works of art that will definitely spruce up your home.


Source: Live Love DIY

7. Galvanized planter

Once in a blue moon you can come across an amazing specimen at the dollar store. Take this pretty metal planter for example. It doesn’t look too bad to begin with, but making it look aged with the power of science is definitely an improvement.


Source: Little House Of Four

8. Spray painted dollar store nutcrackers

If you find the traditional look of nutcrackers boring, or if it’s just not to your taste, you might want to modernize them. If that is the case, then spray paint is your weapon of choice.


Source: Mad In Crafts

9. Faux flower wreath

Pre-made flower wreaths can cost you an arm and a leg. But, it’s easy to make your own wreath. Just make sure to get the faux flowers at the dollar store – they will do just as well as the ones at your local craft store, and they will leave some money in your wallet.


Source: The Sweetest Digs

10. Fishbowl snowman

Creativity truly knows no bounds. Fishbowls to build a snowman, a bit of fake snow and some accessories later, you have a perfectly cute decoration for the holiday season!


Source: Smart School House

11. Vertical succulent wall hanging

Whether real or fake, succulents always make for great decor. All you need is a frame, from the dollar store of course. Add some faux moss and succulents and voilà: a fancy wall art ornament!


Source: The Homespun Hydrangea

12. DIY pumpkin jars

No money is needed when you have a rich imagination. These pumpkin jars are a must for next Halloween. So adorable!


Source: Little House Of Four

13. Galaxy Night Light

Bring the universe to your home! It’s not rocket science; all you need are Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol! Your kids will love this in their room!


Source: Vikalpah

14. DIY snowflake plate charger

Make sure to craft some fancy decorations for the Christmas family dinner. These plate chargers look gorgeous, especially against that navy blue table cloth.


Source: Three Little Greenwoods

15. Chalkboard wine glasses

When you have a lot of guests it’s very easy to forget which wine glass belongs to whom. This simple DIY hack will ensure that never happens again. Simply washing the glass will remove the chalk and the glass is ready to be used by another person.


Source: Cambria

So, what do you think? Fancy trying any of these DIY dollar store projects? And if you have any other ideas, do share them in the comments!

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