A Simple And Cheap Hack That Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Eye Bags


Not having enough beauty sleep may lead to fatigue, lack of concentration and the worst nightmare of every woman – crappy eye bags.

In such cases most of us mkae the biggest mistake ever – we try to cover up the eye bags by applying a trowel of makeup which never actually helps. Those crappy little bags still stick out under the makeup.

However next time this happens to you, we have the perfect beauty tip that will help you remove them permanently instead of covering them with makeup.

The answer is ground coffee beans! I know it sounds bizarre and the first thing that comes to your mind is that coffee is actually for drinking, not putting on your face but believe it or not the coffee beans are anti-inflammatory and help reduce the cellulite; hence they help in removing the eye bags too.

Here is a video that shows exactly how to apply it in order to get rid of the disturbing eye-bags.

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Source: Life hack! Use coffee beans to reduce bags under eyes by SimplecareProducts on Rumble


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