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19 Super Simple And Super Cute DIY Christmas Decorations


Christmas is arguably the best holiday of the year! The presents, the food, Santa, the decorations, did I mention the presents? It’s still quite a way off, but it’s never too early to start preparing, especially if you like crafting your own decorations. Here is a list of Christmassy things you can make by yourself, so unleash your creativity!

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1. Giant holly wall decoration

This is one of the simplest things to make. You only need two items: red balloons and green construction paper. Cut the paper in the shape of leaves and blow up the balloons. That’s it!

Sweet Paul

2. Popsicle stick Christmas trees

Get your kids to make something on their own. What’s simpler than these popsicle stick Christmas trees? Glue some sticks together and then you can basically do whatever you want. Paint them and decorate them any way you like.

She Saved

3. Sliced wood ornaments

This is a great idea if you have some wood lying around the house. But even if you don’t have a saw, these wood slices can be found at your local craft store, or you can even buy them online. Now you have a blank canvas to paint whatever you like.


4. Pinecone Christmas trees

Pinecones make for adorable little Christmas trees. Just paint them green and add a touch of white on the ends to emulate snow.


5. Paper towel roll stars

They look so pretty and delicate, but in fact, they are quite easy to make. All you need is some paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls. Cut them in thin stripes, decorate them as you wish and then glue them in a star formation.

Blog a la Cart

6. Paper towel roll Santa

Here is another use for paper towel rolls. Make the body out of the roll, glue on some red tissue paper, felt, add a ribbon and googly eyes, and there you have it: a beautiful Santa decoration!

Red Ted Art

7. Popsicle stick characters

Create your own character out of a popsicle stick! In truth, an even better option is to use the wider tongue depressors, but if you don’t have any of those, popsicle sticks will work just as well. It’s a great way for your kid to express their creativity.

Vicky Barone

8. Santa going down the chimney

The stuff you need for this one is very easy to get a hold of. All you need is some colored paper, scissors, a sharpie, some glue, and your best friend when it comes to making Christmas decorations: a toilet paper roll!

Crafty Morning

9. Hot chocolate buddy

Craft your own adorable marshmallow snowman to decorate your hot cocoa. It’s super simple and it’s really great fun to make!

It’s Always Autumn

10. Quick and easy Christmas tree balls

Decorate your Christmas tree with these cute snowmen wearing wooly hats! All you need is some clear glass ornaments, white paint and some socks!

YouTube | SoCraftastic

11. Burlap reindeer ornaments

Another very important part of Christmas is Rudolph! Making some Rudolph decorations for your tree is really easy: you just need some burlap, some glue and a few accessories!

The Resourceful Mama

12. Paint chip Christmas cards

Use paint chips in your Christmas decorating! Instead of spending a lot of money on cards, you could make your own. It’s really easy: you save some money and you get to have a lot of fun while making them!

YouTube | KeepCalmAndBlushOn

13. Mini winter hat ornaments

Yet another use for toilet paper rolls: cut them into rings, cover them with yarn, and decorate with a pom-pom to make tiny little adorable wooly hats! So cute!

Left on Peninsula Road

14. Candy sleighs

Candy! I love candy! The only thing I love more than candy is a whole pile of candy! Especially if it’s arranged in the shape of a sled: it looks good and it tastes even better.

Ellyn’s Place

15. Melted peppermint candy ornaments

Make some more ornaments out of candy. Get some parchment paper and put some cookie cutters onto it. Fill them with peppermint candy and pop them in the oven until they melt. Congratulations, you got yourself some super cute decorations!

One Little Project

16. Fingerprint ornaments

Capture precious memories in your Christmas decorations! Make these ornaments out of modeling clay by shaping it with cookie cutters and make the hearts in the middle with your kid’s fingerprints!

Cutesy Crafts

17. Mini cinnamon stick trees

This one looks so good! You will need to cut up a Christmas garland, glue it onto a cinnamon stick, and decorate with some buttons. The amazing smell is an added bonus!

Consumer Crafts

18. Yarn-wrapped trees

This can be a project for your child as it is really easy to do. Just cut some triangles out of cardboard, wrap some yarn around them, secure it with glue, and use some pompoms for decoration!

Easy Peasy and Fun

19. Ribbon tree

This might look very elegant and complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is some ribbon. Cut in in strips and glue them together. Get a cardboard cone from your local craft store and glue the ribbons onto it. That’s it!

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