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How to Do Simple and Cute Hairstyles


Some days hair up or hair down isn’t enough, but you don’t have a lot of time and you want it to look a wee bit special. These simple ponytails are easy to master and give you more choices in the morning when you want to do something a bit different.

1.Ponytails don’t have to plain

First decide how you want your ponytail to sit. Depending on where it sits can dramatically change the style.
High ponytails sit on the top of your head and are visible from the front. These are fashionable and stylish.
Just a few inches lower gives a more sporty effect.
Low ponytails tied at your neck can look less styled and more casual.
Side pony tails suggest a quirkier sense of style.



How to ponytail professionally…

Lift your hair at the top of your head and tease it slightly. Take a section of hair from the back of your head where it starts to curve downward, and gently backcomb the bottom part of this section two or three times.
To backcomb, hold the section of hair and hold it  away from your scalp. Comb from the middle of the back of your hair towards the roots, stroking downwards. Do this this until the hair has created a cushiony mass on your crown.



Pull your hair back. Use both hands to sweep the majority of your hair backwards and secure it in place with your hand. For a sleek and practical ponytail to keep hair out of your face, gather all of your hair, including your bangs. For a more laid-back look, leave your bangs free.



Now that you have selected the hair and location secure your ponytail in place. Take a hair band and pull it over your ponytail from the back. Once the elastic reaches the base of your ponytail, twist it into a figure 8. Pull your ponytail back through this new hole. Do this until the elastic is tight.
For extra style, you can use a colorful hair band, or for a more casual look, use plain elastic.



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