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A Simple But Elegant Wedding Cake For All Of You Brides-To-Be


As I have told you about 4 million times before (big-minded, I know), a wedding is one of, if not the most important event in someone’s life. Due to the importance of the wedding, it requires its own comprehensive and detailed preparations. The dress, the hair, the accessories, the invitations, the venue, and the list goes on. It’s a complicated procedure, but it’s worth it to spend a lot of time on the preparations, as it’ll contribute to your wedding being a day to cherish forever.

If you’re lacking some ideas for a cake for your wedding, here’s a very simple but elegant one by Got Cake?

wedding 1

The design they were going for here is very unique. It’s a two-deck cake, with the lower deck being slightly wider in diameter. The two tiers are separated with a piece of silk, which is tied in a knot and has a shiny bejeweled rose to decorate it.

The top deck, meanwhile, features a collection of white roses

wedding 2

I’m guessing the roses are made with some kind of fondant, but the video doesn’t specify. The video doesn’t actually include preparation of the cake at all. It’s just the decoration process. From creating the roses to tying the “belt” between the two decks.

While this cake is not too complicated, it still looks amazing, and I think it will be perfectly suitable for your wedding, as long as both you and your partner agree on it.

The viewers, while not many of them have voiced their opinion in the comments section, most of those that did weren’t exactly impressed

“omg , it’s not good at all” one said

“omg, so tacky :/” said another

It’s a matter of opinion, yes, but this is still, in my opinion, a very nice, elegant and simple wedding cake.

But what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source:Got Cake?

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