Simple Exercises to Melt the Muffin Top



This is a story about  a woman who melt down 33 lbs in three month all by herself, and at home. She never visited the gym, she invented her own diet and she did it all alone. This should really be an inpiration to people to never give up. I mean, if you really  want something, you can achieve it no matter how hard it is. All you need to do is, have a goal. A strong one. And work hard for it. Everyday! And for her diet, check it out below:

Food:  Jolly eats a healthy and nutrient breakfast of one toast, covered in fat free cottage cheese. During the rest of the day she eats only chicken meat or fish, garnished with fresh vegetables. On sundays, she eats whatever she likes.
The exercises: Every morning she gets up at 6 a.m. and she follows this routine: 3×50 abs crunches, 3×50 squats, and 20 minute rope jumps.
So let me show you 4 simple exercises that will melt down that fat belly:
Squat jump. Do this 3×20;
Mountain hike. Do this 3×20;
Face the sun. Do this 3×10;
Head-knees abs crunches. Do this 3×20.
Do this workout 4 times a week and soon you will see a difference. If you have the time, do a 30 minute cardio workout on an empty stomach twice per week.  Remember, you will see DIFFERENCE!!



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