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Simple Hack for Turning Your Regular Bra Into a Backless Bra!


Do you have a dress with a back decollete in your wardrobe waiting to be worn? but you can’t because you don’t have a backless bra? Here is a very cheap and easy solution to your problem, YouTuber Ray Lee has found the perfect solution with a simple DIY which will turn your regular bra into the perfect backless bra. Although this simple hack may unfortunately not work for bustier women with C or higher cups, but will for smaller busts.

Lee also warns that you should not be wearing this bra if you are going dancing.

Watch the easy steps for this simple DIY backless bra then try it yourself. All you need for this easy tutorial are pins, scissors, thread and a sewing needle, and a bra that you’ve consigned to the back of the drawer.


Cut the band of the bra from the strap to the cup.

Cut the band as close to the edge as possible without cutting the wire inside. Do this on both sides.


Next step, place the strap to the middle of the bottom cup.

Use a pin to secure the strap. Apply it on the both sides. Check against your body to make sure it is n the right place.


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