These Five Simple Hacks Will Make Wearing Your High Heels Way More Comfortable

These Five Simple Hacks Will Make Wearing Your High Heels Way More Comfortable

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High heels, the bane of female existence! They’re like a trap – what feels like a good idea at the beginning of an evening (or the morning) becomes worse and worse of an experience as time drags on. But rest assured, there is hope! Thanks to Youtuber Chriselle Lim, we now have a whole bunch of hacks in our war against the pain brought by wearing high-heels.

Less pain, more style, and these are the hacks that can help you do it!

1. Freeze your shoes

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Here’s how you do it. First, take some plastic bags and put a bag in each shoe. Then, fill the bags with water and make sure you tie them tightly. Finally, put the shoes in the freezer until the water in the bags freezes. As it does, ice expands, which in turn expands the shoe it is in. Clever!

2. Use surgical tape to relieve tension

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There is a nerve between the third and fourth toe which when overstimulated by movement, causes pain in the foot. But if you tape the toes together, the nerve rests and voila – the pain is no more!

3. Use sandpaper to make your shoes less slippery

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All it takes is a piece of sandpaper – and, you guessed it – a shoe. Or, the sole of a shoe. And then you rub… But jokes aside, sandpapering the soles of your shoes will change the sole’s texture, making it less slippery and giving it more of a ‘grip.’

4. Use clear gel deodorant to prevent blisters

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The compounds in the gel will soothe inflamed skin and reduce the likelihood of getting a blister from that uncomfortable shoe.

5. Use foot cushions to reduce pain

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Well… This one is pretty self-explanatory.

You can see the video below. Happy walking!

Source: Chriselle Lim

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