Simple Japanese Hack for Fixing Wet Book Pages


If you have been one of those unlucky students to get caught in the rain with your bag full of books, or while studying have accidentally poured your huge glass of water over your books, this life hack will save your life (well your book anyway!). Here is a very simple but useful trick to bring back the clean and smooth look of the soaked pages of your books.
Japanese artist, author and illustrator Jaluka Nohana is the author of this awesome and easy hack.

According to this smart artist all you have to do is put loose pieces of white toilet paper between the wet pages and then put something heavy on top of the soaked book. Replace the toilet paper until you find it soaks up all the water. The results are astonishing! Your book is smooth and clean again!

If your notebook has gotten wet then just follow these simple instructions

Place a piece of white toilet paper in between each of the wet pages

Place a piece of white toilet paper in-between each of the wet pages

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