A Simple Spoon Test To Tell You Just How Sleep Deprived You Really Are


Tired lately? Maybe it’s the weather getting colder, maybe you’re consciously not getting enough sleep, or you’re not choosing the best food your body requires. Sleep deprivation affects every aspect of your life, your personal relationships may suffer, you can even start underachieving in your job.

Moreover, sleeping less than five hours a night increases the chances for diabetes, which is something to worry about.

It’s always wise to go to the doctor if your insomnia is an ongoing problem, and you should, but there are several things you can try at home today too.

You can make yourself a cup of camomile tea and try late night yoga. Try showering and putting on lavender lotion, or a warm glass of milk right before you go to bed.

Since it’s not easy to track the hours of sleep you get and monitor the difference between deep and light sleep, you can make a little experiment, and believe it or not, it involves a spoon and a metal tray.

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