This simple technique will relieve you from stress and headaches in just 30 seconds


Headaches are really ugly,stupid and painful! They can strike you at work, on the road or at every other uncomfortable place. It’s like ”Come on headache, again?”

But,we have good news for you! We have found active spots on our body that can be massaged to relieve the pain of an headache, and we are going to teach you where are they! Get rid of headaches once and for all…


The point to press on is situated on your palm, between the thumb and the index finger. Connect these fingers to find it — see the prominent muscle on your palm? That’s it.


What should you do?

On this point you have to press so that your thumb is on the back of your hand, while your index finger presses from below on the palm. You have to maintain this pressure for 30 seconds, then alternate your hands and do the same for the other hand for 30 second. If you have followed these instructions correctly, your headache will soon disappear.


Pregnant women shouldn’t practise this technique, as it may cause premature labor.


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