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Gorgeous One-Line Tattoos You’ll Want To Have Immediately

simplest tattoos

Let’s get something straight first – tattoos are awesome. There are so many styles to express yourself through this unique form of art, and some of the work out there… Amazing.

And now, gone are the days of stereotypical skulls, crossbones, hearts and butterflies. There are a lot of tattoos that you can get inspired from. You also have more options when you choose to get inked such as:

  • Watercolor
  • White Ink
  • One-Line

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo but you are still overthinking and deciding, a one-line tattoo would be the perfect thing for you. They are less painful and also look very elegant. And this post might help you out.

Check out these one-line tattoos and we’re pretty sure you’re about to get inspired.

1. This is simple and elegant and also sends a positive message.

simplest tattoos1


This Yoda tattoo is wicked. Some one-line tattoos are more abstract, whereas this one is pretty straightforward. Awesome!

simplest tattoos2


3.  Portraits of people kissing are very popular these days. They symbolize love and eternity.

simplest tattoos3


4. Check out this awesome Bowie tribute.

simplest tattoos4


5. This intricate whale is approaching the abstract style. Here the artist played with the width of the line art. How cool is that?

simplest tattoos5


6. Animal tattoos have been popular since forever now. This particular one is a more creative one, where you stray from a traditional lined tattoo.

simplest tattoos6


7. Some people purchase prints from artists before getting the piece tattooed, like this one.

simplest tattoos7


8. A very unique piece of art.  So simple, yet sophisticated.

simplest tattoos8


9. If you are a cat lover, hold on to this. Check out this girl’s elegant kitty.

simplest tattoos9

Source:Rachel-Lee Thomas |

10. If you’re just breaking into the world of body modifications, a small minimal tattoo like this hare head is definitely a good start.

simplest tattoos10


11. Tattoos can be used as a personal, daily reminder to oneself or serve as an art piece.

simplest tattoos11


12. The simplest tattoos can be hard to understand at first, like this kiss. So beautiful and meaningful.

simplest tattoos12


13. A simple portrait of a woman and a man intertwined into one.

simplest tattoos13


14. Elephants are very popular these days and this particular tattoo is just what you need  if you are an elephant lover.

simplest tattoos14


15. Tattoos are all about expressing oneself and that means that any tattoo goes.

simplest tattoos15


16. Last but not least check out this adorable tribute to Disney. It’s quite impressive!

simplest tattoos16


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