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Sinead Cady’s Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brand Focus And Makeup Tutorial

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Sinead Cady is Ireland’s most subscribed-to beauty Youtuber. She has over 930.000 followers. She has written a handbook on makeup and uploads new vlogs every Monday. This girl ain’t work shy.

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Today we share one of her Brand Focus videos where she uses the Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ range.

Sinead marks the birthdays of her favorite makeup producers by creating videos. In these videos, she demonstrates a wide palette of products as she uses them in her makeup tutorials. With this video from October 2016, she celebrated Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ fifth anniversary.

In 12 minutes she goes through her favorite makeup products, the brushes she loves to use to put on her favorite Blank Canvas look.

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Unsurprisingly, Blank Canvas Cosmetics is a company whose philosophy is, as their name suggests, to look at the human face as a “blank canvas with endless possibilities”. They are an online cosmetics brand based in Ireland. They aim to bring high quality at affordable prices to their customers.

So, check out their products in the video. After you might want to pop over to their online shop.


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