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Sinead O’Connor Is Well After Posting A Disturbing Video Claiming She Is Suicidal


50-year-old singer Sinead O’Connor, who was many people’s favorite after her greatest remake of ‘Nothing Compares To You’ came along, has certainly sparked great controversy lately. The Irish singer rose to fame in the late ’80s with her debut album The Lion and the Cobra, while her worldwide success was due to her new arrangement of Prince’s song. Since then, she maintained her singing career, but at the same time did some unusual things. Remember her ordination as a priest? She has also expressed her strong views on organised religion, women’s rights, war, and child abuse. Lately, she has been making headlines because of her struggle with mental disease and drug abuse. Fans were concerned after she posted a disturbing video on Facebook claiming she is suicidal, and what happened afterwards is just too emotional.


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The singer didn’t have a great life growing up in Ireland. She and her siblings were physically abused by their parents. Doctors then sent her to an asylum at age 15 after she was caught shoplifting.


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O’Connor’s mother died in a car crash in 1985, just before her debut album The Lion and the Cobra made her an international celebrity. The peak of her career with her cover of Prince’s song “Nothing Compares To You” did not stop her from always having a troubled life.



Along with an addiction to prescription drugs, O’Connor has lived with bipolar disorder, PTSD and suicidal thoughts from an early age. In an interview with Oprah, she revealed that she attempted suicide in 1999, on her 33rd birthday. Oprah interviewed her in 2006.



Just when her fans thought she was finally heading to rehab and seeking treatment for her mental health, she lost custody of her teenage son Shane. Then, she posted a video last week, on August 4, that is very disturbing.

In her 12 minute video, the pop singer bared her soul and shared a tragic glimpse at her life today.


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O’Connor revealed that she’s living in a Travelodge hotel in New Jersey and says she’s been “wandering the world for two years by myself” since losing custody of her son. O’Connor sold her home in Ireland 2 years ago to pay a tax bill. She hasn’t returned to the country since then.


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The singer has been married four times, but lost custody of her son after revealing her suicidal thoughts. She also threatened Ireland’s Child and Family Agency they would have “a dead celebrity on their hands” if he was taken away from her.



In the heartbreaking video, she also claims that she has “nobody” in her life. However, she also shares a hopeful message with other people facing the same daily struggle against mental illness as her.


“I hope that this video is somehow helpful,” she said. “I know that I’m just one of millions of people that suffer that don’t have the resources that I have.”

After her video, thousands of fans were shocked and concerned about her health. Her fans shared supportive messages with O’Connor and urged local authorities to reach out to her. Later on Monday, a fan page on Facebook claimed that  the singer’s safe and “surrounded by love.”


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