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A Single Mother Of Autistic Children Had To Give Up Her Job, Now She’s Won The Lottery


Imagine breaking up with your partner, and then finding out they have won £14.5 million on the Euromillions lottery. That’s what happened to Sean Priestley from Bradford, England.


The lucky winner Beverley Doran, 37, already informed her ex that he won’t be getting any money from her.

Sean wrote on Facebook: “My ex has won the lottery from last week, she’s already assured me I will never see a penny so please don’t ask me to have a word to see if I can borrow owt or invest in anything… it’s nothing to do with me. I am, and probably always will be, skint.”

The single mother-of-four split up with Sean seven months ago and it seems to have done her the world of good after years of hardship. She managed to lose over 40 pounds since the breakup and now she won’t have to rely on state benefits anymore.


Beverly was forced to give up her job as a receptionist when two of her children were diagnosed with autism in 2015. Now, her lottery win has allowed her to cancel the £320 per week benefit payments which she has been relying on for the past two years.

The 37-year-old has told her neighbors to help themselves to whatever they might find useful inside her house as she will be moving away from the area soon. She discovered she had become a millionaire while lying in bed checking her phone on Saturday morning and the first thing she did was treating herself to a luxury weekend in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to celebrate the win.


“It’s overwhelming to think that I won’t have to struggle again. Before, all my money went on the children and I went around in rags,” Beverly confessed. “I could now even buy a plane! I suffered from depression just worrying about what was going to happen to my children. I’m still waiting for someone to come and burst my bubble.”


The mother-of-four described the morning when she logged in to find she had become a multi-millionaire overnight.

“I was still waking up when I logged into my account. ‘I could see the jackpot amount but couldn’t work out what I’d won. Then I slowly realized it was one UK winner and that that person was me. I babbled to my son and collapsed on the floor and started crying and shaking. I got charms for my children, for love and family and for my new wealth. One says ‘sometimes you have to fall before you can fly’.”

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