Embarrassing Situation Turns Into A Story Of Trial And Error

Embarrassing Situation Turns Into A Story Of Trial And Error


There is nothing worse than being in a rather helpless and truly embarrassing situation, especially if during so you are observed by fellow humans!

Imagine the urge of having to go to the bathroom immediately, while you are still on the subway! Your face twists into a cringe, and your fellow human knows that something is up, but it’s not quite sure what exactly.

Imagine having a little booger sticking from your nose in class.

Imagine having a tiny speck of oregano stuck between your teeth.

Imagine having eaten garlic and you are now in the cinema. God have mercy on the person in front of you! (this actually happened to me once.)

I can go on with these examples till tomorrow.

However, what’s probably the worst of anything in this world is being caught naked or in the act of love-making. By a member of your family!

Now, that has not happened to me and I neither want it to happen! I would die on the spot!

This little anecdote pictured in the photos below is an evidence of a similar occurrence. However, it has its own precious little twist and a catch!

Mother-in-law goes to visit her son. Being the woman that she is, she knocks on the door and immediately walks in, without waiting for the answer.

There, in front of her own eyes, she sees her daughter-in-law lying naked on the coach. Everything is ready for a little session of sweet, sweet love making. Scented candles, dimmed lights, soft music coming from the speakers….it must have been a Berry White song.


Scandalized, the mother-in-law asks the woman:”What are you doing?!”

“I am waiting for Jeff to come home from work,” the daughter-in-law explains.

“But you’re naked!”, the woman screams in outrage.

“This is my love dress,” the young woman answers.

Fast forward to that same afternoon, the lady goes home to her husband with a thought on her mind. I’ll leave you to finish the story on yourselves and enjoy the ending.


Source: Tickld, auntyacid

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