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The Six Most Important Smart Girl Hacks

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Some things in life can be totally annoying. Even more annoying if you’re a woman. While I believe these are things that everybody knows, I also know that sometimes even smart girls need yet another reminder to start doing them. I know I do.

1. Always have black nail polish in your purse.

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Let’s imagine: You’re all dressed up, hair and makeup (almost probably) perfectly done, and you leave the house. You reach your destination. Right before you make your pretty entrance, you reach for the doorknob and… There’s that one fingernail you said you’d fix yesterday, but then something more interesting happened.

This always happens to me.

It will cease to exist as a problem if you have black nail-polish in your purse. No matter what color you have on, one black fingernail will only add to a better look, or at least, it’s better than flashing your ruined manicure in front of people.

Bonus: if you have black stockings/pantyhose and they break – problem solved.

2. ‘Did I turn off the curling iron?’

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I think that every person I’ve gone out with has heard me on the phone, five minutes after I leave the house, calling home and saying ‘Can you just check if *whatever heating/beauty device* is off?’ And if there’s no one in the house, it’s pretty scary to comfort yourself with: ‘Well, at least I’m insured…”

EYE-CONTACT with the socket, people.

Whenever you turn something off, and you know that you’ll think about it later, just do this:

a) Turn it off.
b) LOOK at the socket. Just look at its empty holes. For 5-10 seconds. Give it the evil eye.

There’s no way you could forget about that. And 10 minutes later, when you’re in the cab and think about everything that may cause a fire in your apartment, you’ll remember the evil eye.
Same goes for the stove, oven, etc.

3. Selfie Makeup Check

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Sometimes you think your makeup is perfect until you take out a mirror in proper daylight and see a white monster with uneven bronzer lines on what used to be cheeks.

Before you leave the house, take out your phone, go to the window, or on your balcony where there’s natural light and make a selfie. Whatever is wrong in the picture, you can fix before you embarrass yourself.

If it’s night time, take a photo under different lighting. So, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, for example. You will be able to see the flaws.

4. Keep a bottle of water next to you while at home.

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I’m guessing you’re smart and you’ve already done this, but sometimes we neglect to do the simplest things, so here’s a reminder. If you go to bed every night thinking ‘I forgot to drink enough water today,’ get a plastic 1L bottle and keep it near you all the time. You may never be disciplined enough to get up every half an hour to get some water, but with this, you’ll stay hydrated while doing computer stuff, which is all the time, probably.

5. Remove nail polish with – another nail polish.

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This is a tip I learned from a friend. If you don’t have any nail polish remover (it’s one of the things you don’t have when you need them the most), just put a coat of transparent (or other) polish over the old one, and wipe it with a cotton ball immediately. It’s not as effective, but it can save you.

6. Get a Swiss Army Knife

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I absolutely insist. Yes, you’re a lady, but you have no idea how convenient it is to forget an army knife in the purse you wear most often.
If it’s too much to handle, get one of those small ones that have a tweezer, scissors, nail file and a small knife. Those are absolute lifesavers.

Anything else and smart you’d like to share?

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