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These Six Photos Will Change The Way You Look At Your Body


A woman has taken to Facebook to point out the huge difference in measurements that can be found in pants’ size.

A woman from Wichita, Kansas has pointed out the wild variations of measurements one can find in a pair of trousers.

Deena Shoemaker, from Wichita, Kansas, was going through the contents of her closet when she realized that all her jeans fitted her perfectly, despite all of them being different sizes.

Shoemaker, 27, has been a counselor for teens and pre-teens since 2010 where she has encountered countless girls losing sleep over their weight.

On Sunday she took to Facebook to criticize this ridiculous system, and its psychological side effects by publishing a series of photos showing how pants, that obviously have the same size can be labeled with very different measurements.

According to US retailers, her waist ranges from a size 5 to a 12 in US sizes.

Captioning the image, Shoemaker wrote:

No I’m not selling my pants; I’ve just got a bone to pick.

I’ve worked with teen & pre-teen girls as a leader and counselor in various places for the last 6 years. I’ve listened to countless girls tell me about their new diets and weight loss fads. I’ve had girls sob in my arms and ask me, ‘if I were skinnier, would he have stayed?’ I’ve counseled girls who were skipping meals. I’ve caught some throwing up everything they’ve just eaten.

But as I was going through my clothes tonight I started to notice how dramatically different the size of all my pants were. And I have a real problem with the fact that my size 5 pants fit me THE EXACT SAME WAY that my size 12 pants do.

Shocked by this revelation, Shoemaker let rip on the companies engaging in this conspiracy.

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