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Skull Face Paint Tutorial For Making This Halloween Unique

Skull Face Paint Tutorial For Making This Halloween Unique

Halloween week is on and in no time, you will need to prepare to look unique for the big night! If you are a skull lover and you want to scare everyone around you with some face paint, here is an inspiration. Shonagh Scott is a professional makeup artist based in Essex, UK, and her eerie Halloween-inspired tutorial was sponsored by Snazaroo. It does not only look spooky, but she also gives great tips on using paint on your face.

Shonagh Scott’s 10 years of experience helped for her work to be featured on the front cover of some well-established magazines. She has also been privileged to work with some famous faces in some amazing locations, as she says on her YouTube channel. As she became known for some of her creative makeup looks, she started a makeup blog to show how she does it in detail. Here we have her show us to detail her Halloween tutorial.

Using a white pencil, she makes lines to divide the white and black parts of the skull-to-be.

unique 1

Next, she applies the white paint.

unique 2

After you do the first layer, make sure to go over it with a sponge in a stipple motion. You will get a more uniformed finish in this way.

Once you have enough layers, start applying the black pain, starting with the eye sockets.

unique 3

Make sure to even everything out with a smaller brush so that you don’t get too messy. Feel free to apply mascara on your eyes, too!

Go on with the mouth lines now to mimic teeth.

unique 4

Use black shadow to finish off and make the skull look three-dimensional.

unique 5

If you want, you can also add a few cracks to the skull to make it look more realistic. The final touch? Shonagh used a rose band and a purple wig to finish off the skull look and it looks just perfect!

unique 6

Watch the whole video below:

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Source: Shonagh Scott

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