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Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Halloween might be behind us, but if you are an artsy and creative person you will always appreciate vloggers who do something unique. Also, all the make-up enthusiasts might learn a thing or two, from this twist on a classic Halloween skull make-up. Or it might even inspire you for next year if you happened to be lazy this year and you went simply as a cat.

Samantha Frison is a beauty and lifestyle content creator who has 278,000 subscribers on YouTube. She created her YouTube channel in December of 2012 and started posting different videos, from makeup tutorials to lip-sync videos. Instead of doing a simple and easy plain skull makeup tutorial she decided to do a more complex one and also more adorable one that girls will certainly fall in love with.

Here you can watch the video, where Samantha explains step by step what you should  do.

Source: Samantha Frison

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