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How To Slay Prom Night Makeup Tutorial

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We are just a few months away from prom night. For most people, prom is a very special night that they share with special friends. It is an ending to some magical years spent together and the place where memories are made.

You may be panicking about finding the dress that suits you and already thinking about your hair and makeup. With the help of Internet, there are thousands of places you can get inspired and be prepared.

Today we are sharing a makeup tutorial that you can try out. The best part about it is that you don’t need professional makeup skills, you can learn by simply watching the video and practicing. Time is on your side! YouTuber Kelsey Simone is here to help you.

Let’s see how she achieves this slayer look:


Kelsey doesn’t really add too much to the face as she’d rather go with soft and natural. So basically she primes her face first and then applies foundation. She considers bronzer and highlighter very important so she applies them too.



For the eyes, she applies a sparkly, bronzy eyeshadow which is really not super noticeable but makes her eyes pop. She finishes with mascara.



A nude pinkie color is applied to the lips, which gives life to the whole look.


And that’s how you SLAY prom people. Not too much makeup, less is more and natural is beautiful.


To see the whole glam, press play down below. And get practicing so you’re prom prepared!

Source:Kelsey Simone

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