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12 Sleeping Habits That Are Different For Men And Women


If you love your partner, going to bed with them might just be the best part of the day. Eager to go to sleep after the cuddles in the clean sheets? Yet, love, clean linen, and even the vanilla candle scent are not a guarantee for a perfect night sleep.Unfortunately, sleeping with your partner can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.

Unfortunately, sleeping with your partner can both be a sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare. It’s not your fault, it’s our biology, and here is why…

1. Women are always colder than men.

Women’s bodies at night produce less cortisol, a hormone that has a warming effect. Because of this, women feel generally colder than men not only during daytime but also at night. But instead of bothering with plenty of blankets, you might wanna try using a smartphone app called SmartDuvet, which can save your relationship. It magically controls the temperature on both sides of your bed. Amazing, right?

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2. Women go to sleep earlier

On average, women get sleepy earlier than men. But, not by choice. This is due to women’s circadian clocks, which are set earlier than men’s. But there is an advantage to all of this. Women will wake up earlier looking flawless.

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3. Women are more prone to insomnia

Really? Even insomnia gets women more than men. Poor creatures. Anyhow, experience has shown that they still can handle it better, has it not?

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4. Women get cold feet more often than men

Wandered to wonderland already and all of a sudden you get a down-to-earth, bloody cold touch from your partner’s frozen feet. What on earth? Don’t argue! Invite your friend SmartDuvet. Studies show that this is the result of more sensitive blood vessels. In addition, women have lower blood pressure which doesn’t really help, either.

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5. Men’s sleep cues take two hours longer to kick in than women’s

Constant fighting over blanket coverage, having one leg out and one in the bed, needing the right amount of darkness in the room.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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6. Women like sleeping more than men do

As reported by the analysis app Sleep Cycle, women do spend more time sleeping than men.

Sounds unfair to you? Dare to ask for a woman’s opinion

source: Reddit | theycallmesomething

7. Women often wake up grumpy

Women do sleep longer but the men’s quality of sleep is much better, so they wake up more carefree. Sounds about right.

source: Reddit | meckelangelo

8. Men are twice as likely to get sleep apnea

This is getting serious. Anyhow, it’s better to have that Bane mask on instead of not being able to breathe at all, right?

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9. Women are more likely than men to seek help for sleep issues

It’s a universal truth that men just want to show off and usually will think twice before asking for help and sleep disorders are no different. Unlike them, women won’t spend much time suffering and waiting and they will ask a professional for advice and change something soon.

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10. Men dream more than women

Another problem caused by the mighty menstrual cycle. As if there weren’t enough already. If you are a woman having difficulty sleeping, you can blame it on higher progesterone and lower melatonin levels during the second part of your cycle.

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11. Women’s circadian clocks are six minutes shorter than men’s

Generally, men’s circadian rhythm is six minutes longer. Lucky you, men. Even though it doesn’t look like much, it adds up over weeks and months.

source: Reddit | [deleted]

12. Women have a bigger chance of developing heart problems if they don’t get enough sleep

Lack of sleep might result in developing heart problems. Although men are not excluded from this statement, the risk of heart problems due to chronic sleep deprivation is much higher for women. So allow yourself and your partner a good night sleep, whatever it takes.

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Tell us about the differences between you and your partner when you are going to sleep in the comments.

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