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Sleeping Position Tells The Truth About You

Sleeping Position

sleeping position

Famous Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, who has been called the “Elvis of cultural theory” once remarked that the most intimate activity that can take place between two humans is not sex, but just sleeping together. And indeed, for two people to find a comfortable arrangement in which they can both easily fall asleep and will not wake each other up constantly is one of the first compromises in any budding relationship.

Of course, there are many variables that influence the quality of a night’s sleep like whether one’s in their own bed or not, the type and quality of the pillows, the length of the covers etc. If we hypothetically presume that all these conditions have been met perfectly, that leaves us with the preferable sleeping positions of a person.

Did you know that how you sleep is indicative of your characteristics and personality? Find out what your sleeping position says about who you (and your partner) are.

1. The Freefall

If your body looks like the body of someone who has just jumped out of a plane hovering 8,000 meters above sea level while you are sound asleep it means that you sleep in a freefall position. It also means that you have an open and welcoming personality, possibly even too open at times.


2. The Hugger

Do you need to cling to someone or something while you’re sleeping, whether a stuffed animal or your partner? This means you are an incredibly loyal person. You are reliable and a trusting friend that people love to hear advice from. Be careful, though, this position also means you sometimes trust people just a little too much.


3. The Board

Do you sleep the way soldiers stand while a regiment is being checked upon by its superior? You are not one for curling up under the covers and embracing things while you snooze. This probably means you are quiet and reserved, with brief but fiery exceptions. It might also mean that you think very highly of yourself.



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