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6 Sleeping Positions Reveal A Lot About Your Character And Personality


We have already written about what sleeping positions say about your relationship, but for those who prefer sleeping alone, this topic is equally important.

As an old Irish proverb says, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”. Lack of quality rest can lead to mental, physical and emotional deterioration. Sleep is a time when the body restores and heals itself, while the brain gets a chance to rebuild its capacity without the distraction of consciousness. Thoughts and stress are temporarily suspended and that is why the Dalai Lama said that “Sleep is the best meditation”.

Based on the notion that on average we sleep about 8 hours every day, a human spends around one-third of their life slumbering, but each and every one of us has their preferred position in which falling asleep is the easiest and most enjoyable.

There are certainly many types of ways in which we are capable of falling asleep, but there are only a few main positions that people tend to universally prefer. Each sleep position has been studied extensively by sleep specialists and researchers who have come to some interesting conclusions.

The findings of one research claim that how one’s sleeping gives a deeper insight into their personality. A survey done by Dr. Chris Idzikowski, a sleep specialist who is the director of UK’s Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service at the beginning of the naughties has analyzed six common sleeping positions – and found that each is linked to a particular personality type.

“We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious posture says about us. What’s interesting is that the profile behind the posture is often very different from what we would expect,” Dr. Idzikowski says.

The Fetus (41%)

Approximately 41% of people sleep this way. If you like to sleep curled up, this generally means you are calm, reserved, shy, and sensitive on the inside. At the same time, you likely cover up this side of yourself with a tough exterior.

Log (15%)

Lying on the side with both arms down by your sides. This position is characteristic of easy going, sociable people who like being part of the crowd and are trusting of strangers, but may be gullible.

The Yearner (13%)

People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have an open nature, but can be suspicious, even cynical. Although they are slow to make up their minds, once they have taken a decision, they are unlikely ever to change it.

Soldier (8%)

People who sleep lying on their backs with both arms pinned to the sides are generally quiet and reserved. They don’t like fuss but expect high standards of themselves and others.

Freefall (7%)

Lying on the stomach with hands clasped around the pillow, and the head turned to one side. Often gregarious and brash people, they are usually nervy and thin-skinned underneath. They don’t like criticism or extreme situations.

Starfish (5%)

Lying on your back with both arms up around the pillow is the rarest sleeping position. These sleepers make good friends because they are good listeners and always offer help when needed. They generally don’t like to be the center of attention.



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