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8 Stunning Sleeve Tattoos For True Body Art Lovers


People who are not afraid of commitment love sleeve tattoos that cover the entire length of an arm. It’s not so easy to decide to have one, since they take time, money and most importantly, a talented artist who can create the masterpiece you have always dreamed of.

If sleeves sound exciting to you but you are not sure you can fully commit to them, it might be a case of needing some inspiration. Start with getting a shoulder tattoo that you can one day expand into a larger one. Here are some full, half or in-progress sleeve tattoos that might make you rush to your local parlor and get one, thanks to POPSUGAR.

1. A badass!

@christas_chaos you’re officially a badass #sleevetattoo #blackandgreytattoo #blackandwhite #filigreetattoo #mandalatattoo #nashuanh #mrjones #mrjonestattoo #tattooing

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2. Wow!

3. Beautifully inked

4. Rose tattoo

5. Perfect idea and execution


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6. In progress

7. Flower tattoo

8. Half-healed, half fresh

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