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Slikhaar TV Shows Us How To Do The Fringe Cut For Guys


Fringe for him you want?

A lot of people’s dream profession is being a hairdresser. There’s just something so satisfying about sitting someone down and cutting their hair so that it looks absolutely perfect. Well, for some people, anyway.

For those who do want to become hairdressers in the future, it’s probably a good idea to start early, and check out what giving a haircut is all about.

Or if you’re looking for a video to give your friend, boyfriend or whoever the latest trend then you will love this.

If you want to have an inside look, then there’s a certain YouTube channel that is right for you, and that’s Slikhaar TV.

Slikhaar TV is a channel that gives inside looks on how to do various men haircuts.

One trend that seems to be appearing an awful lot in 2017, even if we’re only a few days into it, is the fringe cut.


Essentially, the fringe cut is like bangs for guys. It looks interesting, but it’s one of those things that won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Either way, if you want to see how it’s done, you can check out the video below.

Source:Slikhaar TV

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