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Does Slime Makeup Remover Work?

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Makeup may well be one of the best things in today’s world. All that choice, all those colors and variations, the skin-soothing ingredients that always work.

And then again, after makeup comes makeup removal. Our favorite part of the day, when we’re tired and sleepy, but we have to do it, right?


So what if we had a product that could remove it instantly? More importantly, what if we had a product that we could make at home? Because this girl is busting this thing for us. She uses face wash for her recipe, which is a lot wiser to use than shampoo. The ingredients in face wash are a lot more appropriate for the skin, whereas shampoo may cause irritation.

So, barely any money spent and makeup removed in seconds? Sign us up. But does it really work? You’ll need to check that out for yourselves.

Source:Natalies Outlet

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