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Twelve Smart Ideas That Will Make A Small Bathroom Appear More Spacious


If you are one of those homeowners who are always looking at ways how to make the space at your disposal more functional and enjoyable to dwell in, you have probably been thinking about your bathroom as well. The smaller the apartment, the smaller the bathroom, but consider thinking twice before knocking any walls or downgrading the size of your tub.

Remember, the size of a space is not the only factor determining its worth – even small rooms can be chic and functional if they are used to their utmost potential. Here are twelve ideas that will help you avoid a complete overhaul while still managing to turn your bathroom into a modern and enjoyable setting.

1. Mirrors

Incorporating a mirror into a small bathroom is a smart way of making a room appear larger. The way a mirror reflects light changes our perception of how we perceive space.


Source: Laurey W. Glenn | Southern Living

2. Storage above the toilet bowl

One way to get creative and find a useful purpose for the usually unoccupied wall above the toilet bowl is to install some sort of a ladder, medicine cabinet, or shelving unit.


Source:Jenna Sue Design Co.

3. Recessed cabinets

Utilizing the space in between studs for recessed storage is another great way of making a for small bathroom more useful.


Source:Better Homes And Gardens

4. Incorporating unique pieces

Thrift items such as dressers and makeup vanities will quickly turn into functional bathroom necessities!


Source:Shades Of Blue Interiors

5. Wallpaper

Covering at least one wall with a patterned wallpaper will go a long way in smaller spaces and opting for a busier, more colorful pattern is an easy way to add a unique element to the room.


Source:Ella Scott Design

6. Light colors

Lighter shades of paint do make a small room feel bigger, brighter, and more open.


Source: Home Bunch Alyssa Lee Photography Patrick Photography

7. Baskets

Incorporating a few baskets into your bathroom will not only create extra storage, but also make the space seem well thought out.


Source:Four Generations One Roof

8. Tiled walls

Tiling your bathroom from the floor all the way to the ceiling will make your walls seem taller!


Source: Lesley Unruh | One Kings Lane

9. Changing the light fixtures

A simple switch of your light fixtures is a quick and affordable way to breathe a new life into a room. The type of lighting you choose is one of the most important factors determining the look and feel of your space.


Source:Shades Of Blue Interiors

10. Keep things simple

When it comes to smaller bathrooms, stick to the less is more philosophy. For best results, keep your color palette and accessories simple.


Source: Becky Kimball | Studio McGee

11. Getting rid of bulky items

Bulky, dated features, such as oversized vanities and storage cabinets are most detrimental to the open, airy feel you are trying to achieve in your bathroom.


Source:Addicted 2 Decorating

12. Get creative

You can easily turn bathroom essentials into dual-purpose features, for example a wooden shelf over your toilet paper holder!


Source:DIY Show Off

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