20 Good Small Kitchen Island Ideas When You're On A Budget

20 Good Small Kitchen Island Ideas When You’re On A Budget


So you have a modestly sized kitchen and are burning for a small kitchen island? Relax, Recently The Blog’s gallery has you covered.

A gorgeous and smart kitchen island would be the perfect heart of your small kitchen. It can be your prep zone to create a simple breakfast, and would also provide additional space for storage. If your kitchen cabinets aren’t enough, a kitchen island can do it.

A tiny kitchen islands in a middle of a small kitchen helps a lot – it also adds elegance and ingenuity. When used the right way it packs quite a ‘kitchen punch.’ Not to mention it’s very aesthetic too.

That being said, let’s look at the options.

1. Small square shaped island


When talking about large kitchen islands, some designers wouldn’t recommend a square-shaped kitchen island. The idea is that a large square island would be difficult to clean. The center space is often wasted because it’s difficult to reach it.

However, those are big kitchen islands, and we’re talking about small ones here, so the shape doesn’t matter. You can reach all corners of it and it’s visually pleasing to boot.

2. Small island with great mobility


A small square kitchen island will give you much more variety in terms of shape and mobility. You won’t have to think twice if it’s too long or too narrow, because everything is within roughly the same reach.

3. A small overhang


This is a good solution for those who want additional space besides the counter without taking away any room for the feet. It’s not ideal for large kitchens, but for small kitchens it works well. Besides, it makes for the perfect breakfast nook. And it’s cute.

4. Island cart


As the picture might tell you, this is one of the simplest solutions for a small kitchen island. This portable furniture is so flexible that you can move it anywhere you want based on your needs. When you are not using it, you can move it away from the center and set it in a corner to make further kitchen use of it. Its many shelves and drawers come very handy

5. Restaurant-grade island


These are quite easy to find –  you can just visit a supply store for a restaurant. There will be industrial or commercial stainless work tables for you to pick for your island. It’s lightweight yet sturdy and durable, and the wheels make it super mobile. They’re also fairly cheap and come at sizes as small as 16”.

6. The drop leaf kitchen island


A drop leaf island is a smart way to add more space to the counter. You can just pop it up when you need bigger space, or move it down when you’re fine. Additionally, you can add it to the end of your main kitchen stand, or a table to use it as a prep zone for cooking or dining.

7. A butcher block


Despite the harsh name, his is a perfect alternative for a kitchen island. It is designed for a butcher to handle meat, but a vegan or just an ordinary cook will find it very useful as well. It’s rustic charm adds character to the space, and you can easily add some chairs and turn it into a dining table, or a snack nook.

8. Tight budget


This is a cheap and effective way to get an island for your small kitchen. Literally any old unused piece of furniture will do: old unused cabinets, sofa tables, tall chairs and so on. Experiment and find the best fit. If you have any such items lying around at your place unused, adding them to the kitchen will be a clever thing to do.

9. Floating ledge


First, you need to find the right space for this floating island. Placement is the key to making a good kitchen experience. If you lack the appropriate space for a kitchen ledge, you’ll need to create an enclosure for it. Usually, a minimalist design works best.

10. Store-away island


Limited space in your kitchen? No problem, you can go for these convenient kitchen islands that can be stored away. If you have an open space anywhere in your place where you can store a small kitchen island then you’re all set. Usually, these items come with wheels that help you move them in and out.

11. Traditional black and white


Black and white is the safest color combination for almost any kind of room. The contrast is easy to develop the combinations, and you can use either white or black to provide the basis or the accent. They provide for a classy, clean look which enhances the exotic nature of the other kitchen items.

12. A classic small island


When it comes to designing a small room, a wall with a bright color is a must. This provides a dominant color background against which the other, smaller items stand out. As shown in the photo, the walls are in bright beige colors as well as the backsplash and the shelves. This makes the blue of the attached cabinet really pop out. Blue, beige and brown often enhance the intricate patterns of classically designed pieces of furniture.

13. Multi-functional


It’s great to have a furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. The added functionality is perfect for a small kitchen setup. As you can see in the photo, the island is also used for storing kitchen appliances, plug-ins and display shelves. There’s space to prepare food and have breakfast on the counter top, space for stools to tuck under, power outlets to plug in appliances, and shelves under the table to display books and pottery.

14. An integrated breakfast bar


This is also known as a shaker-style kitchen. What’s a shaker style? Actually, the name comes from the type of cabinet which is uniquely simple yet attractive. This kind of cabinet features recessed panel doors, basic hardware, and light finishes. Originally, the style was inspired by the furniture designs of Shakers – an 18th century religious movement that was guided by the principles of simplicity, utility and honesty.

15. Open shelving


Maybe your kitchen walls look flat and boring? Well, there’s a solution for that too – these open shelving kitchen island ideas. Adding an open shelf to your kitchen island not only provides a ton of display and storage options, but it can add a lot of style as well if you’re smart with the colors. The combination of yellow and white shown in the photo looks stunning.

16. Corner cabinet


It could look weird to you, but it’s definitely functional. And cute. Sometimes, all we have is a small corner in the kitchen which goes unused, but could be very helpful otherwise. Adding a corner cabinet will make your small kitchen perfect. Add some flowers or memorabilia, and the kitchen will look really unique and cozy.

17. Beach cottage-inspired look


The traditional coastal kitchen designs found around the Los Angeles area are the inspiration behind this one. They mostly have white cabinets, a farmhouse sink, ceramic backsplash, quartz countertops, an island, colored appliances, painted wood floors, and multi-colored floors. Did I say this looks great?

18. Rustic revival


Rustic elements in a kitchen create a strong visual moment, but not just that. Take a look at this authentic chop block. This tiny kitchen island has a wood accent that adds a warm touch to a room, even though it has modern finishes and stainless-steel appliances. A simple napkin decoration on the top would be enough.

19. Rounded edges


A round-edged kitchen island is one of the perfect solutions for your small kitchen. This is a two-in-one dining area and a kitchen island. The stately pillar in the center provides elegant design and spacious storage for your kitchen at the same time. Just put a yellow fruit like a lemon to create the perfect accent for the wooden table.

20. And finally, a kitchen without an island!


As mentioned in the beginning, the solution will work best if it fits your needs. Not all of these ides will be helpful for your situation. If you don’t have any remaining space to put a kitchen island you don’t need to force it. You can still have an amazing kitchen without the island – all it takes is just a bit of creativity and enthusiasm. Some color splashes, an interesting item or two, and your kitchen space will feel like new!

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