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Smart Ring Can Make The World Better Place


This modern looking woman is not a model. She has a very strong reason to proudly say ” My name is Katya, I’m 41 years old, and I’m the co-founder of Nimb”  Ekaterina Romanovskaya   From Russia is a person who was not afraid to share horrifying story how she was face to face with the Evil,  not to scare us all. This brave woman has done that to help  us all. To make the world better place . Sixteen years ago she was stabbed nine times in a broad daylight.  Katya  is grateful to her neighbor who heard her cries for help and saved her. Because of him she’s still alive and could describe what she has been trough, after she refused to speak with an unknown man,   on her Facebook profile.

” He slit my throat, cut open my stomach, and wanted to conclude this process of getting to know me by putting the blade through my heart. But each time he tried, my ribs and other bones got in the way.”




“The likelihood of me surviving to ever see the light of day again was pretty low, mostly because I didn’t have enough hands. I was using one to stop the fountain of blood spurting out my neck, and grabbing at the knife with the other. I also had to make sure my insides weren’t spilling out of the gaping wound on my abdomen, but luckily my tight pants did the trick.” wrote Katya.

Katya will never forget a single  second of the 40  minutes of  horror she has been trough and the long recovery process after.   But she is saying that at the moment she understood what is the meaning of the phrase ” to live and be alive”. She does not think that this was a bad experience.


In fact Katya became crime survivor , not a crime victim.



Since the moment she was literally  able to stand on her two feet she began doing fascinating things. Katya  joined a project that aims to make the world a little safer. Together with a team of US inovators Katya came out with an technologically innovative concept to make every woman feel much safer. They designed smart accessory every woman will like to have.

Its a Nimb smart ring with elegant minimalist design and a panic button.





This unisex ring looks fantastic and can be combined with every kind of outfit. It can be connected with a mobile app and when  in danger situation the person  who has it will need to press   the panic button for a 3 seconds with a discreet  touch and will send an alert signal to the preset contacts from the mobile app. Emergency numbers 911 can be added in the contacts.When a message is sent the ring vibrates to inform the ring holder that the contact got the message and help is on the way. It  can be used not just for situations when someone is attacked but also to send alert for a medical emergency.  It will track the  location of the person who is wearing the ring in a real time and inform the emergency  contact accurately.




This ring is not just for adults. Many mothers will be relieved from parental anxiety because they will always know if their children need help. Many extreme sport lovers  will be happy to have it as well. The ones  who have it will never forget their phones any more because the ring vibrates to remind the owner when the phone is not near.

Nimb ring comes in black and white versions for a price of  149 USD.  The battery has to be recharged on two weeks.


This invention will help to anyone who has it to feel safe and sound.



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