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The Best Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey Eye

The little black dress, the Tiffany jewelry of makeup – meet its majesty the smokey eye ladies (and gentlemen). And we finally have the best way to do it.

Let’s go smokey

There are a million varieties. You can go soft, bold, or vamp. But there’s only one classic look, and it’s here, laid out for you in this video. Master it, and you’ll turn heads in every club, every wedding, people will ask for your skills, and you’ll look amazing.

The main secret is that she uses black liquid liner, and applies it with a larger brush, before she applies super-black, super-pigmented eyeshadow. The rest is tweaks with specific eyeshadow colors that you’ll need to get for yourself and the rest is on you, to decide whether you’ll keep this dramatic look for a night out, or you’ll simply want to live in it because it’s so perfect.


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