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How To Do A Smoked Out Cut Crease

cut crease

Why don’t we spice things up a little, what do you say? If you prefer edgy and sexy makeup then you’re in the place to be. Smokey eyes, a cut crease  and eye liners do the job pretty well for you to look extra sexy and confident. So why not have a little fun?

The self-taught makeup artist Evon Wahab has released her own line of makeup through Memebox in 2015 and now has over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. The 21-year-old who comes from Buffalo, New York, has a special love for her bird Lucky and her cat Elsa. So, apparently, besides looking super-cool, she’s an animal lover. What’s not to adore?

Now, let’s bring the sexy on.


She keeps things simple and natural when it comes to her face. After finishing the eye makeup, she is applying foundation and some concealer. Then, she continues by applying bronzer and highlighter.

cut crease 1


For the cut crease eye makeup, she goes with a base first and then creates a smokey brown eye and cut crease. Then, she draws a sharp, black eyeliner and finishes with a mascara.

cut crease 2


To give the last glow, she applies a clear lip gloss.

cut crease 3

Don’t you just love this smokey out cut crease?

cut crease 4

Okay, this is amazing. I’m doing this forever.


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