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See How Glitter Can Change Your Makeup Look

Glitter makeup

When in doubt, add glitter.

If you ever feel that your makeup looks boring and done the same way for a thousand times, what you should really do is add  some glitter.

Famous YouTuber Liz from Beauty Vixxen shares something very awesome with us. She uploads new videos once a week and does a lot of funny vlogs, tutorials and challenges. Liz’s passion is makeup and editing, so YouTube is the perfect space for her creativity.

glitery makeup 1

What she says pulled the whole makeup look through is the lip color. It is actually very well combined with the glittery perfect lined eyes. You can see it by yourself how big of a difference it made, as opposed to using bold, dark colors.

glittery makeup 2

For more detailed instructions you can click the video down below. Is this something you would try? It may not be the perfect look for brunch (although, go for it, you guys!), but it’s definitely perfect for a Friday night!

Source:Beauty Vixxen

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