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These Crochet Princess Snuggies Are So Special And Fun



Even though Snuggies are kind of a silly product, they are basically a backward bathrobe so there’s no reason to spend extra money on one. Still, there was a very simple idea that struck a chord with people, especially those working in cold offices, brr!

If you’re going to go full Snuggie, at least you have to find a cute alternative to the plain ones and perhaps you’d prefer these adorable princess dress blankets.

A lot of Etsy stores like CHCreations4U sell a lot of crochet patterns for different skill levels. For only $5 you can get the patterns in everything from kids’ sized to adult blankets. I feel a little project coming on!

You fill find all the classic princesses covered and if you want something special you can use the option of custom colors. For example, I can totally see this Rapunzel dress in blue or yellow and red to become a Snow White version.

And if crochet isn’t your best skill, there are shops who sell finished blankets. Many of them have customization options like colors and whether or not the blanket includes sleeves.

Personally, this bright, sunny yellow is one of my favorites. The classic Beauty and the Beast ballgown.

Oh, don’t you dare forget the underwater princesses. This blanket is perfect for the nights your legs have goosebumps and need some extra warmth.

So guys, tell us what you think? Would you take the plunge and try making these on your own? Or you would leave it to the experts? Tell us in the comments below.

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