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People Who Got In Real Awkward Situations On Social Media With Their Parents


The Internet has made everything easier when it comes to connecting or sharing with people. And even though we love our parents a lot, we obvioulsy don’t want to share every morsel of our lives with them. You don’t want to write a Facebook status about a boy and then the next thing you know, there’s a notification from your dad. Even though you try to be careful, sometimes you might slip up. Below you can see pictures where things just got too awkward. Feel free to comment and if you have similar situation, share it with us.

1. Maybe thug life didn’t choose you

You can’t be too much gangster when your dad knows your darkest secrets.


Source:Over Media

2. Chain mail gone wrong

Chain mail is one of the most annoying things on the Internet and we all know how awkward it can get…


Source:Social Net Update

3. Where it all started

Sometimes our parents take everything too literally, and this exchange sounds like a modern-day pilot for How I Met Your Mother.


Source: Imgur | 4thManBearPig

4. Sorry to disappoint

Sometimes you just have to stump your dad with big words he hasn’t seen or used before. Epic!


Source:Bro My God

5. She will never ever, ever, forget this burn

I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl never shard her musical tastes on Facebook again.


Source:Sugar Scape

6. The truth hurts

That moment when deep Facebook thoughts turn into deep lifelong hurt.


Source:Bro My God

7. A picture is worth 1000 words

It’s always funny when parents mock their kid’s photos. This one is my absolute favorites.


Source: Bored Panda

8. Not so tough now

This dad nailed it, king of bathroom selfies.


Source: Heavy

9. Twinning

I bet every time she is told she looks like her dad, this is what comes to her mind.


Source: Twitter | @CassandraOlay

10. Don’t mess with the ‘rents. Period.

I always thought that there is nothing worse than having your parents tag-team and I guess I am right!


Source:Thumb Press

11. It all comes out in the wash

Whether you’ve got no skills or you miss your parents.


Source:The Meta Picture

12. Party pooper

She ruined her party and is ready to do more than that.



13. The name game

I am still wondering how fast this post got deleted.


Source:Thumb Press

14. 50 shades of woah

Oh my! This is so awkward…


Source: The Hollywood Gossip

15. That ride took a turn for the worse

I don’t thing this ended well. This guy is probably in so much trouble.


Source: Instagram | @boyrelates

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