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12 Photos That Show Why Social Media Is The Cradle Of Exaggeration


Social media is a hotbed of exaggeration in every possible shape and form. The sooner you understand that everyone on these platforms if a phony, the better you are going to feel about yourself. If you think we are the ones who are actually making mountains out of molehills, check out the most common eleven ways social media users distort reality in an attempt to get a few extra likes.

1. Romance exaggeration


If you feel like your relationship sucks because that guy and his wife on Facebook appear to be so in love with each other, bear in mind that many times this is a show for the camera.

2. One moment vs. Real life


So the next moment may not be quite so perfect! Life’s like that, full of ups and downs, and social media almost never reflect that. There, it’s about one glorious moment which might have been succeeded by a disastrous one, unbeknownst to us.

3. Nobody eats healthy all the time


Not even most of the time in many cases, although Instagram would rather have you believe that everyone is on a gluten free diet as part of which they’ve cut out sugar, carbs, artificial preservatives and whatnot.

4. Nobody ever fails


If social media was a standardized exam for life, everybody would pass with flying colors! #winning, #lifegoals or a combo such as #blessed #OMG #luckygirl are the order of the day, even though life’s predominant hashtag in most people’s lives usually is #uneventful.

5. Out-of-context


Would you know this person wasn’t in New York without the second photo?

Perhaps as a reaction to similar posts, this guy tongue-in-cheekly captioned his tweet “I can’t believe I’m finally in Paris!”


That’s a pretty good view from his hotel room window… or is it?


6. Body manipulation


This lady admittedly put makeup on her chest to make her breats appear larger.

7. The ability to choose


Remember when most of your family pictures looked like this? In those days, a limited number of snaps on a film made every photo a cherished memory and the original quality of imperfection was highly valued. Today, you can take about 109 photos and just pick the best one, resulting in dull uniformity.

8. Camera trickery


Now you can see how all may not be as it seems.

9. Size manipulation


He caught a monster! Or did he?

10. Fake vacations


When you can’t afford a vacation, it’s Instagram to the rescue! Why spend hundreds on expensive plane tickets when you can just take yourself off to the end of your garden and pretend you’re at the seaside?

11. Filters


There are countless possibilities of filtering photos, allowing you to turn in a different version of you at the click of a button.

12. What you see vs. What I see


More often than not, seemingly breathtaking surroundings are much more mundane than the camera angle would let you believe.


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