Even His Mother Couldn’t Recognize Him After Plastic Surgery

After seeing all these massive advertising that contain perfect-looking humans on social media, a lot of people decide to really go under the knife and get plastic surgery just to achieve the perfect face and body.

There are even some TV shows dedicated to plastic surgery transformations in Thailand. A Thai TV Show even highlights how people can go from an “ugly ducking” to a “beautiful swan”.


Check this guy out, for example.


The 22-year-old Noppajit Monlin, is a factory worker who went under the knife and transformed his appearance completely. He always wanted to change his looks since he also had problems with chewing because of his twisted jaw.

Noppajt would feel ashamed and often shy away from his colleagues.


The surgery he was going to do, included correcting his jaw, modifying his forehead and eyelids. The doctors gave him also some skin treatments to clear up his blemished complexion.

After only 3 months of recovery, his new face was revealed. He looked so different, even his mother couldn’t recognize him.


He told everyone that his life felt totally new. But even though he changed completely, he is still the same person he always was. Noppajt also shared that he is in love with a transgender woman named Tob and they have been dating her for 3 years.


This is a photo pre-surgery.


According to 9gag, Tob, 26, expressed her feelings by saying:

“I’m protective of him but I’m not scared of him leaving me. We’ve trusted each other since the beginning.”

The pair met on social media and after only 5 minutes they started talking to each other. He asked for Tob’s number and three weeks later, they moved in together.

Noppajit lovingly said:

“She took care of me. Even though she’s not a woman, she’s just like one. This woman is the best for me. Although I have a new life now, my heart is the same.”


Source: 9gag