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Still-A-Teenager Sofia Richie Wins Mother’s Blessing For Relationship With 34-Year-Old Scott

Well, it’s a mother’s world. Scott Disick’s nineteen-year-old sweetheart, Sofia Richie, seems to have gotten her mother’s blessing for their relationship.

The teen model, who is the daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie, had to deal with a lot of attention and rumors when she was seen in romantic cahoots with her older boyfriend. Besides being a father-of-three, Scott is also fifteen years her senior and the age difference has been the focal point of the gossip surrounding them lately.

But now, as the Daily Mail reports, they pulled out the big guns. Or maybe I should say, the mom guns. (Yup, that actually sounds pretty impressive!)

A mom on a mission:


This Tuesday, apparently, there was a great meeting at Disick’s house. The notorious party-lover lives in a lavish house in Calabasas, California, and Sofia Richie was seen entering the premises – along with her mother, 50-year-old Diane Alexander.

Was Sofia thinking that, perhaps, some motherly wisdom and advice wouldn’t hurt? Especially so, seeing as Diane and her father, Lionel, went their separate ways back in 2004.

Sofia opted for a white tee and black jeans


The teen has been dating the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s children since September


Perhaps a little teen casualness is exactly what Scott needs?


Her mom went with blue jeans and a graphic tee


The two looked really good together


Recently, according to an insider who spoke to The Sun Online, the runaway father has been “… desperate to get something in the pipeline again and he knows it has to be amazing to persuade TV bosses to give him a second chance. He pitched a show that would capture his relationship dramas with Sofia – and their very glitzy life!”


Last weekend, the love doves were seen in Miami, Florida, where they attended Art Week

sofia richie
Here’s how that went down:

And apparently, the couple have the mom’s blessings!


Is Disick really planning his own reality TV show with Sofia Richie?


I guess we’ll know soon enough.

Until then, watch Scott decorating himself with some new bling bling!

Source: dailymail