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People Are Absolutely Obsessing Over Sofia Vergara’s Son

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Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara completely stunned the onlookers at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards’s red carpet. Her husband, Joe Manganiello couldn’t be there to accompany her this year so she managed to bring a backup date. Turns out that he would’ve been the first choice for most of us.

She walked the red carpet with her gorgeous son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara. The 25-year-old guy is now a model who made his debut in a Paper Magazine spread.


Source: Instagram | @manologonzalezvergara

The first time that Twitter laid eyes on Manolo, I swear there was no going back. Why hide him from us for so long now?



Source: Twitter | @josephschles

And of course that we had to know is he was available or not.

Naturally, Twitter had to know whether or not he was available.


Source: Twitter | @rachaelamendez

While some other people went straight to the point:


Source: Twitter | @anjprowse

Ever wanted to be a cotton candy so bad? Well, I am no hommock proffeculd but two people could fit in the picture.


Source: Instagram | @manologonzalezvergara

I am jealous of the horse right now.


Source: Instagram | @manologonzalezvergara

So thank you, Sofía Vergara. Thank you for showing us your son. We’re in love now.


Source: Instagram | @manologonzalezvergara
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