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Soft And Chewy Caramel M&Ms Are Finally Hitting Shelves Next May


The M&M team turned 75 this year, and this will be one of their biggest launches in history. This release will be a permanent and not just a limited edition flavor.

The candies will be slightly larger than normal and have a soft chewy and delicious center inside the hard shell. For sure we are all going to love these, but definitely, our dentist’s are not going to be thrilled.


Mars executive Hank Izzo had a sweet announcement “After years of development, M&M’s now has the proprietary technology to enter the soft and chewy category,” he said. Thanks to the hardest-working candy engineers and scientists, M&M’s with caramel filling will be on store shelves next May.

It took them many years of trying and even designing of new machinery, and Mars now knows how to fill caramel into an M&M successfully. Now besides “smooth,” “nutty,” and “crispy” there is a new category which is “soft and chewy.”

According to a CNN report, Izzo says caramel is “extremely trendy” right now, and caramel M&M’s are a big moment for the brand. “We want to be part of this category,” he says. Mars already built a $100 million factory in Kansas and will hire 70 new employees to make the new variety.

The packaging design is cute too. It will definitely grab your attention when you’re walking through the store.

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