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Soft And Simple GRWM + Q&A Session With Micaela K

Sort and simple makeup

Micaela K ended 2016 with a soft and simple Get Ready With Me tutorial combined with a Q&A session. A chilled out video of a beautiful girl applying makeup while answering your questions – that’s what we call a happy new year. She talks us through all the products she uses and reveals some secrets.

Soft And Simple GRWM 1

It seems to have gone down a treat, as her followers compared Micaela’s look with Kylie Jenner’s! A certain Cindy even hinted at the possibility of young Kylie ‘borrowing’ ideas from Micaela, commenting:

“I would say you look like Kylie, but actually Kylie looks like you lol. we all know she didn’t look like that a year ago.”

Soft And Simple GRWM 2

The questions asked by Micaela’s fans do not only touch upon her makeup and beauty exploits. There are personal ones such as questions about her ethnicity, hobbies and passions, and she is not at all defensive about answering personal questions.

Soft And Simple GRWM 3

She is also not afraid to reveal her age, and that her birthday is coming up really, really soon.

Super cool, don’t you think?


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